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Prometheus QoS

QoS (or Quality-of-service) is traffic shaper replacement for Internet Service Providers (ISP). Dump your vintage hard-wired routers/shapers (C|sco, etc.) in favour of powerful open source and free solution.

Prometheus QoS generates multiple nested HTB tc classes with various rate and ceil values, and implements optional daily traffic quotas and data transfer statistics (as HTML). It is compatible with NAT, both asymetrical and symetrical, yet still provides good two-way shaping and prioritizing, both upload and download.

Prometheus QoS was written in C<<1 and depends on HTB algorithm hardcoded in Linux kernel. It is currently being tested in real-world enviroment to provide QoS services on internet gateway and proxy being used by 1500+ members of CZFree.Net broadband community network.

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How to use SVN

To install SVN in Debian, just type:

apt-get install subversion

Subversion repository at is called /repos/prometheus , ie. anonymous checkout commandline is:

svn co

If you register to our Track/SVN using some username (eg. "nick") and ask us for access rights (eg. create New Ticket for xchaos), checkout commandline will be:

svn co --username nick