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Latest news

  1. major fork, version 0.9 will be renamed to crl1.h ("C rotated left by 1")
  2. completely new approach to future universal for_each() primitive types iterator in demos/containers
  3. get_array( ) macro can by used to allocate fixed array with members of any type in current memory context, now compiles and runs
  4. preliminary version of plain-C-and-libc based try { } statement in demos/exceptions directory now compiles and runs

C<<1 mascot

C<<1 programming language

Warning - work in progress! Almost nothing you will find on this site works properly - some simple examples may compile but others not. Developers needed...

  1. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Install - How to install C<<1 header file and tools on your system (very easy)
  3. Introduction - How to display Hello world! in C<<1 (examples for console and for WWW)
  4. Esperanto - How to do basic string operations, integer iterations, etc. in C<<1 (universal language)
  5. Containers - How to use statical and dynamical lists in C<<1 (arrays, linked lists, dictionaries/binary B+ trees)
  6. Advanced language concepts implemented in C<<1 (iterators, exception handling and more)
  7. Libraries - How to use C<<1 frontend for selected popular libraries and tools (MySQL, FastCGI, CakeTemplates and more)
  8. Objects - How to write object oriented code in C<<1 (interfaces, constructors, statical and dynamical methods, communities of polymorph objects)
  9. Guru meditation module - C<<1 object interface of type Standard (can be attached to Std community of objects like Str, Int, Float, Bool, Time, ...)
  10. Build - How to compile and link your application (more options are available)
  11. Manual - Reference manual to all C<<1 keywords (macros, functions, variables)
  12. Links - Useful web based information (C and non-C related)

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